When done correctly, at a reputable dealership, shopping for tires can be one of the more enjoyable aspects of vehicle ownership. Tire shopping allows you to personalize your vehicle, while also ensuring you get the performance and protection you’re looking for in a good set of tires. If you’re a driver in the Arlington, TX area shopping for new tires, come into Hiley Mazda of Burleson today. Our Mazda parts department has a great selection of tires and a team to help you find the best set of tires for your Mazda SUV.

Here are the most popular types of tires for SUVs:

Ribbed Tires: These tires are a good option for SUVs because they provide added stability and traction that comes in handy when driving on wet roadways. In addition, these tires are known for their durability and high performance on the highway.
Mud-Terrain Tires: If you plan to some occasional off-road driving, these are the tires for you. Mud-Terrain tires have a unique tread pattern that allows them to achieve optimal traction regardless of the terrain. They also come with thicker sidewalls that can withstand normal wear and tear.
Highway Tires: Highway tires are a good fit for most SUV owners who are looking to get the most out of their tires for everyday commuting or long road trips. These tires are specifically formulated to handle higher towing capacities without any extra wear. Highway tires are known for their long tread life.
Temporary Spares: No matter the type of vehicle that you drive, having a high-quality spare tire on board is crucial. Temporary spare tires can be purchased in either full-size or compact sizes. These tires are meant to be driven on for only a short period of time. Buy your new set of Mazda tires from Hiley Mazda serving Arlington, TX. Our location also serves the surrounding communities of Mansfield and Waco, TX.