For drivers in Arlington, TX in need of a Mazda dealer near me, Hiley Mazda of Burleson is here to help. Our Mazda dealership can handle all your basic service and repair needs, including wheel alignment. So, bring your new Mazda3 to our service team today. We also serve the surrounding areas of Waco and Burleson, TX.

Here are the top benefits of regular wheel alignment service at our Mazda service center:

  • Safety: The most important benefit of wheel alignment for your Mazda car is safety. Wheel alignment helps to make sure your car is driving in a true straight line and your tires are wearing evenly. Even wear plays a big part in avoiding flat tires and blowouts.
  • Efficiency: A properly aligned car will be able to achieve maximum fuel efficiency, saving you a substantial amount of money over time in fuel costs.
  • Tire Longevity: By aligning your car’s wheels on schedule, you can ensure that your tires will last for years to come and also avoid any unnecessary tire repairs.
  • Better Driving: A vehicle that is properly aligned provides both passengers and drivers with a smooth, seamless ride. Properly aligned cars won’t vibrate or pull to one side while in motion. Following a wheel alignment, you’ll notice more responsive and controlled steering. This always allows you to be in full control of your car.

Now that you know all the benefits of wheel alignment, it’s time to schedule your vehicle at Hiley Mazda of Burleson in Arlington, TX. We recommend you bring your car in for a wheel alignment either once a year or every 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. Visit our website to set up your next service appointment and view our current service specials.